About Printing Opportunity

Willie L. Benjamin, the owner of Printing-Opportunity, started providing screen printing, embroidery, and heat transfer services in 2012. He operates the day-to-day function of the company with no assistance. His passion has allowed him to expand his business location and the equipment needed to get the job done promptly.

Before opening his business in Greenville, SC, he worked in commercial printing for 30 years, after spending so many years working for large printing companies and being the best at what he did. Then, he decided to adventure out and open his own business. That was when he open Printing-Opportunity intending to create a uniquely branded item that is uninformed for the customers.

Services offered by Printing-Opportunity are customized screen printing and embroidery on apparel such as clothes, bags, home, and car d├ęcor. Our specialty is personalized embroidery for schools, churches, sororities, fraternities, and manufacturing throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Printing-Opportunity brings your vision to reality by providing quality services to each customer tangibly and effectively